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Dear you..
I don’t blame you for being so quiet,
But everything that comes into my mind is you.
And I don’t blame the time for being so rude,
Because everytime I see the world, it reminds me about you.
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Like the desert waiting for the rain.

kini tersenyum,

cerita mu terlihat lebih baik dengan ketidaksempurnaannya.

berpikir untuk tetap mengejar lari mu yang tak mengalah,

namun kini musnah, tersesat karenanya.

banyak hal sebenarnya yang bisa dilakukan.

pungkiri fakta bahwa ini terlalu jauh dari kata suka.

menertawai diri sendiri yang berlagak bisa melakukan apa saja.

seperti menasehati cermin.

terlalu renta.

ku kira jalani saja.

aku suka cerita…

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All I wanna do is love you but I’m the only one to blame.
John Vaselly
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I feel honored. :)

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Roger Rabbit

Is there a right way for how this goes?

You got your friends and you got your foes..

They want a piece of something hot..

Forget your name like they forgot..

Ain’t that something?

Some want to see you crash and burn..

Criticize your every word..

I’m trying keep from going insane..

Aint that the way of this whole damn thing?

Trying to be something, more..

Is there a right way for being strong?

Feels like I’m doing things all wrong..

Still I’m here just holding on..

Confess my heart and forgive my wrongs..

Just trying to show you something, more..

Nobody’s gonna love you..

If you can’t display a way to capture this.

Nobody’s gonna hold your hand..

And guide you through.

It’s up for you to understand.

Nobody’s gonna feel your pain..

When all is done and it’s time for you to walk away..

When you have today you should say all that you have to say..

Don’t point the blame when you can’t find nothing..

Look to yourself and you might find something..

It’s time that we sort it out..

All of the things we complain about..

So listen close to the sound of your soul..

Take back a life you led once before.

If it ain’t you then who is gonna love you?

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"Modern Dark Age" done for Jakarta Grindcore Festival 2014